Baja Home Pages

* Ken Body's Baja
Log of Baja Trips, Whales, nostalgia

* Baja Dreams
It is my hope on the following pages to share some of the spirit, excitement, and knowledge of Baja that I have accumulated in 49 years of flying, boating, fishing and experiencing Baja.

* The Home Page
I am a long fan of the Baja peninsula having traveled it's length and side roads in support of the SCORE off-road races.

* Baja Nomad &
A Resource Guide for Travelers. This (often neglected) site is the work of the "Baja Nomad" (bio). It is now the testing ground for a new concept in travel publishing on the Internet.

* BMW's in Baja
This is a writeup of an 8-day motorcycle trip my boyfriend Doug and I took to the Baja California peninsula in May, 1994. He's planning on a year-long trip to South America in the fall of '95, so it seemed appropriate to explore our neighboring country. I was about to start a new job and wanted to get a trip in. Nearby Baja, where neither of us had been beyond Tijuana, seemed an obvious choice. Doug took his '91 BMW R100GS/PD and I took my '83 BMW R65LS.

* Cheri's Baja Page
Welcome to my Baja pages Here is where you'll find some neat photo's, interesting info, and great Mexican recipes. Enjoy! SPECIAL NOTE: I am happy to connect with other Baja enthusiasts in the So. CA area. Drop me a line and say hello. Cheri E-mail

* Dave Rogge and Doris Nerding's home page
Images of Baja California is a pictorial documentation of Dave Rogge and Doris Nerding's April, 1996 exploration of the northern two-thirds of Baja, and later (September, 1996) trek to the southern cape region.

* David K's Baja Adventures
Dedicated to adventure and history, off the beaten path in Baja. Join David and travel off the beaten path for fun and sometimes, Mystery!

* Dean and Cathy's Cosmic Website
Dean & Cathy chronicle adventures at their Campo near Las Encantadas. Fishing, wildlife watching, exploring, and plenty of relaxation are in store for visitors.

* Keith's Baja Page.
June 9 1999 has an account of a visit to the Baja 500. Also links to pages on other Baja camping excursions by Keith and friends.

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