The Whales of Baja

* American Cetacean Society - Baja Whale Adventures
The Baja California peninsula is one of the great wilderness areas in North America. Our trips provide a unique combination of adventure and tranquility, with abundant opportunities to see whales and other wildlife. Encounter curious gray whales in San Ignacio Lagoon, lounging elephant seals on Islas San Benito, playful sea lions in the Sea of Cortes.

* American Cetacean Society Home Page
ACS Gray Whale Fact Sheet: Everything you ever wanted to know about gray whales in one place.

* Baja Outpost
Loreto: Refuge from Civilization! ”Run in the most civilized most civilized people!” A Charming Bed & Breakfast & Aquatic Center..offering Memorable Vacations!
Scuba Diving, Sport Fishing, Snorkeling Snorkeling with Dolphins, Snorkeling with SeaLions. Expeditions to Las Animas, Tour to the Missions, Whale Watching, Island Tours, Kayaking, Cave Painting Tours, Camping/Hiking, Mountain Biking.

* Baja Coast SeaFaris
Join us aboard the Marco Polo for live aboard whale watching trips in Bahia Magdalena.

* Bahia Magdalena
Gray whale watching, sport fishing, bird watching For hundreds of years, Magdalena Bay has been home to: dolphins, sea lions, and breeding grounds for migrating Gray Whales; an incredible array of resident eagles, pelicans, herons, ibis, and a hundred more species, and is a resting stop for thousands of migratory birds on the North South flyway; abundant stocks of sardines, tuna, scallops, shrimp, lobster, grouper, abalone and halibut; and small communities of fishers and their families who live off the local resourses in coastal villages bordered by golden sand dunes, purple hills, and turquoise waters.

* Baja Discovery Tours:
Whale watching and adventure tours of Baja California and Copper Canyon, Mexico, including walking and photo tours. Baja Discovery has the longest-running whale camp on Laguna San Ignacio and absolutely the best location for whale watching while you eat breakfast. Wanna kiss a whale? This is the place to do it. Excellent staff and very professional operation.

* Baja's friendly whales give curious humans the personal touch.
"You must be very careful to keep your hands away from their blow holes. And never -- ever -- touch their tails. They will let you know what is OK, and what is not OK."

* Baja Whale
See the Best of Baja Aboard Searcher Cruise with the whales, dolphins, seals, and birds of Baja California's Pacific coast and Sea of Cortez with Searcher Natural History Tours. You'll hike on Mexico's protected and remote islands, snorkel with colorful reef fish and sealions, explore mangroves and beaches, and seek out ten different species of whales and dolphins during our 8- to 11-day adventures.

* Baja Whales
A travel guide to Baja California's Friendly Whales. Includes a photo gallery, whale information, travel tips about San Ignacio Lagoon, and links to Environmental Alerts, Actions & Scientific Reports.

* Ecological 4-Wheeling Adventures
Clark and Linda Pate offer 4x4 tours, including the whales.

* Conservation & Development in the Gray Whale Lagoons of Baja
This report identifies activities that could have a negative impact on two gray whale calving/breeding habitats, namely Laguna San Ignacio and Bahia Magdalena.

* The Friendly Whales of San Ignacio Lagoon
San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California Sur: The only place on earth where you can get close enough to touch these friendly, curious animals in their own environment. A travellers guide to whale watching in San Ignacio Lagoon: getting there, finding guides, what to pack, camping, hotels, tour groups.

* The Grey Whale Advocate
The most comprehensive site on the web for all information about Gray whales and Baja whale watching Salt works expansion page. This site is dedicated to the positive advocacy of the Gray Whale species and the environment in which they live.

* Malarrimo Ecotours
Whale watching, Malarrimo Restaurant, Hotel & RV Park in Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur. Guided Ecological Excursions to the California Gray Whale Watching Center of the World... SCAMMON'S LAGOON (LAGUNA OJO DE LIEBRE)In Guerrero Negro.

* Robyn Mellon Konstantin's Whales 4 U Page
This Page will cover: My trips to Mexico in 1997, Overland Travel Distances, Tips for people in American Waters, When is Gray Whale season? & Where are they going?

* San Ignacio Bioreserve
Laguna San Ignacio is a protected bay of Baja California, a little more than half way down the long peninsula's Pacific Coast. One of several such bays, Laguna San Ignacio is a known nursing area for the California Gray Whale, and is famous among nursing grounds for its "friendly encounters."

+++++++++++++++++Turtle News+++++++++++++++

* ASUPMATOMA - the conservation effort of endangered sea turtles
ASUPMATOMA is a non profit organization found in 1980. Focuses on the conservation effort of endangered sea turtles along the southern tip of Baja, Mexico.

* Turtle News - Thought I'd list them here!
The Remarkable Journey of Adelita, the Loggerhead Sea Turtle. Tracking the Migration of Adelita [Loggerhead 7667].

* Whale watching
Few places in the world offer such concentration and diversity of marine animals and birds as the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific lagoons. Join us on an adventure of hiking, swimming, and photographing wildlife in a place that time has forgotten.

* Whale-Watching-Web
World-wide Whale Watching Web: a virtual whale watch trip and whale related resources. An awesome, award-winning site with sound, video and all the info on whales for kids and for serious researchers.

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