Baja Getaways

Timeshares on the Baja Peninsula

Mexico's Baja Peninsula has a blossoming assortment of beautiful destinations. Among them are Tijuana, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Some of Mexico's premiere resort destinations are located on the Baja Peninsula. Many of these resort destinations began as small fishing villages. The magical part of the Mexican experience is the preserved culture that is apparent in today's communities, Bay of Conception campingright there in the resort locations. Friendly atmosphere, traditional cuisine, wonderful architecture and fabulous customs all originated in the fishing communities and have been maintained over the years. Now, vacations to the Baja Peninsula are more than just escapes from the norm; they are journeys into another time and place. Timeshares in these areas are not only affordable, but also convenient. You can stay among all your favorite parts of the Baja Peninsula. The Sea of Cortez separates the peninsula from the mainland, and also affords those who stay on that shore breathtaking vistas. Vacationers can find a timeshare for rent on either coast with no hassle. This form of lodging is popular among travelers because it accommodates the entire family and provides quality amenities to ensure a fun and relaxing getaway.

Baja Experience

The Baja Peninsula extends about 775 miles along Mexico's west coast. The peninsula is home to several mountain ranges as well as faultless Sunset in Baja sandy beaches dotted with palm trees. Hiking, biking and fishing are popular pastimes.

Turquoise waters and pleasant weather embrace the tropical shoreline, nearly all the time. Many vacationers look into a timeshare resale that sits right on the beach. You can't find much of a better location than that. Having Baja's beach right outside your door is by far the best part of any vacation.

Help from Timeshares

When vacationers buy timeshare they are investing in property that will do more than give them the opportunity to experience one of Mexico's most incredible areas. Owners do have guaranteed vacation time every year, but they also have the chance to travel all over the Baja Peninsula, Mexico and the rest of the world. Exchange companies help timeshare owners trade their property for others, so that you and your family can see all the places you have always wanted to.

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